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Future Without Cancer In Our Hand

The basis of Future Without Cancer In Our Hand Project which we started as Lisinia Nature invigorated after Lisinia Project Coordinator Ozturk Sarica lost his two grandfathers, his father and many friends because of cancer and his mother got cancer, his education related to toxicology and environment, and his diagnosis about quick deterioration of nature.

Within the project, firstly the reasons of cancer were researched, the reason of increasing today were designated...

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From Lisinia to World; Keep Burdur Lake Alive to Live

 (Burdur Gölü agonizes because its water decreases; Unless precautions are not taken, people will come across carcinogenic chemicals)

While Burdur Lake, which is a tectonic lake, was a water mass with 200 m depth in ancient ages, today it is a water mass with 8 m depth. The water decreasingly came to our day with more vaporization and less rain as a reasult of climatic changes and heating of terra. Today the lake became unable to be nourishedbecause climatic changes, modern agricultural practices, so-called drinking water, and gave this lake 20-30 years tol ive. We need to think Burdur Lake as a basin. Even the far field’s using water effects the lake seriously.

As Lisinia Nature, we have been performing works in order to provide the right leading of using water globally by creating a...

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Wild Life Rehabilitation Center

Until today, as a result of works performed by volunteers from different profession fields and especially intern veterinarian students, who came to the center, under the coordinatorship of Veterinarian Doctor Ozturk Sarica wild animals, which were especially shot by hunters, poisend because of chemicals and has various diseases, around Burdur Lake Basin have been taken into treatment program and leave them again into the nature. Both concrete steps were taken on behalf of protecting wild life population of the region and awareness was created by providing the observation during treatment process of wild animals by thousands of visitors came to the center...

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Lisinia Nature School

Lisinia Nature sees the concept “education” as the basis of the social development and sustainable development. Based on this basis training works have been given importance which will cover different quality and age groups in all applications made in the center. All these trainings have been practically maintaining and moduls, prepared with the help of experts, have been implementing with the attendance of all individuals from 7 to 70 by volunteers.

Within the scope of Lisinia Nature School initiated in 2011, all students in all elementary and high school in Burdur city, town and villages within the permission taken from Burdur Ministry of National Education, have been attending Lisinia Nature School within specified program and have been left as “Nature Volunteer”.

Within the sco...

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Volunteer Nature Protector

Lisinia Nature set forth with the aim of raising next generations around region, country and after the world as respectful individual to nature by setting an example with the model. In order to reach this aim, there is needed “people who care about what they do for the world”.

Our aim the the project of Volunteer Nature Protector which is parallel with voluntariness concept is to raise volunteers came from different places of our country and world as a nature protector within the project that we created as Lisinia Nature.

Individuals came to center within the project for this purpose;

–          In order to be educator within Lisinia Nature School they involve in “teacher education” program. After they train in schools and centers within the program around region.

–       ...

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Ecological Production / Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices

(Production with zero-chemical)

Lisinia Nature is insipired from qualified agricultural practices which made without using any drug and chemicals in these soils for centuries since its foundation of the center with Ecological Production / Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices (production with zero chemical) project, took Organic Agricultural Certification actions as a consequence of today, had gain a right to take ecological production certificate from IMO certification organization at the end of 3th year. Practices which made until today are like below.

            Any agricultural activity has not made for 2 years since the center was established and al fields are rested.

–          In the following 2 years, dallow practices were made.

–          In the 5th year in total...

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Native Plant / Production Of Animal Species And Gene Preservation

Works of collecting and raising of native plants and animal species which occupy an important place in studies have been maintaining since the first day of the center. Within this scope;

–          All products in the center have been produced from endemic seeds for centuries. These seeds were collected from peasants as a result of veterinary works made in all villages of region by Ozturk Sarica, and sowing-planting works were actualized by preserving carefully in the center.

–          The importance of valuable seeds collected from surrounding villages was told and using native seeds was incited.

–          Afterwards the project, basis of a genbank will be layed in order to preserve the seeds under the proper conditions with the center will be built in area.


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Lisinia Takes Its Energy From Nature!

Lisinia Nature began to use solar panel system in order to meet the basic needs and to benefit from using celan energy as 100% in the light of these data.

Within the 100% celan energy project prepared for center, project designing works on the system drew on sun, wind and water were initiated.

Lisinia Takes Its Energy From Nature!

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